For over a year the partners of the project “WONDER Child friendly destinations” (No. 1090), a project co-financed with European ERDF and IPA II funds in the context of the Transnational Interreg VB ADRION Cooperation Programme, are working together actively for the project implementation.

The project started the 1st of February 2020 with the ordinary activities related to the start-up phase of the project and then for the implementation of the first technical activity the “Set up of WONDER destinations” (WP T.1) aimed at identifying and sharing the needs, practices, common challenges to set up child friendly destinations by involving children and the main local stakeholders.

WONDER project’s main overall objective is to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of destinations from the Adriatic-Ionian Region thanks to a child-friendly approach, aimed at improving the liveability of cities and the touristic offer (governance, environment and services) through the development of new and innovative participatory methods.

The current epidemiological situation due to Covid 19 has had a relevant impact in the project implementation:  no more physical meetings among the partners and nevertheless all were held successfully online via zoom.

The main activities have been developed using digital tools and technologies (i.e. meetings and focus groups with children and stakeholders have been successfully carried out via zoom, on line questionnaires  distributed among local stakeholders, local public authority, SMEs, NGOs, general public and children and finally collected and evaluated.

During this period different documents were done among project partners such as: Local assessment report, Transnational working group report, Best practices collection, Guidelines for children’s Involvement, Children’s feedback report, Transnational communication plan, Local communication plans.

Looking forward a better time and a more positive scenario the WONDER project is proceeding positively towards the next project activities in particular the definition of the Wonder City Agenda and the WONDER Action plan to be implemented within the end of this year.